Our Story 

In the late summer months of 1977, F. Roy Greenleaf Jr. and his wife Beverlie moved to Yucca Valley from Orange County.  Roy was a quiet, unassuming gentleman but was a man of many accomplishments.  He was a man of vision with a self-styled ability to observe the needs of a community and to organize leaders for the purpose to meet those needs.  One of the first needs he saw and met was the “Bank of Yucca Valley”, now the Pacific Western Bank.


Roy noticed as he went about his daily activities that many of the town’s young people were congregating in small groups and seemed bored with life.  After discussing this with some young people he found there was not much for them to do, other than some sports programs and scout programs.  He also found that there was a new era, the use of recreational drugs, mostly marijuana use at that time.  So, in 1980, Roy approached school officials and discussed his findings and they also agreed the situation needed attention.